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Questions and Answers

Ryan-Reum Insurance Agency located in Kankakee County serves Illinois, Indiana, Wisconsin, Michigan and Iowa.

We have provided some questions we are frequently asked about home, health, life, auto and property insurance. Please feel free to send us your insurance question and we will make every effort to answer it on this page.

Q. Is jewelry automatically covered on my homeowner policy?

A. Most standard homeowner policies will cover jewelry up to a certain limit, usually $2,000. However, if you have an item valued at more than the minimum policy limit, you should schedule this item on your policy. This requires a phone call to our agency and a recent appraisal.

Q. When I buy a new car, does the dealer notify my insurance company?

A. No. The auto dealer will ask for your insurance information. However in most instances, they do not notify our agency of the changes to your policy. Whenever you purchase or sell a vehicle, it is always necessary to contact our agency to certify coverage.

Q. If I move from one home to another, do I have to get a new home policy?

A. With most of our carriers, a simple telephone call to our agency will do the trick. Notify our office that you are moving and the closing date of your new home. In order to allow you every coverage option, our Customer Service Representatives will ask you several questions regarding your new home. Prior to the closing your agent will visit the property to perform an exterior inspection and take photos. That's all that is involved. We then prepare the paperwork and send it out to the closing company.

Q. I've heard that my credit affects my insurance rates. Is that true?

A. Yes, and "most" clients do receive additional discounts because of their good credit.

Q. If I have a question about my policy and my agent is out of town, do I have to wait until he returns?

A. No. Our Customer Service Representatives can answer any question you may have. They are trained to know the policy coverage. In addition, they can make policy changes, and run quotes. Our CSR's are licensed insurance agents.

Q. I just finished my basement. I would like to get sump-pump water back up coverage. What limits of coverage are available?

A. Depending on your policy type, you can attain coverage in the amounts of 2,500 to 100,000.

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